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Sunday, May 01, 2005


The central area of the Waterfall Kevin gets a face shotin the middle of the Waterfall View from skiers' left above the usual route through the Waterfall.
Note: the name "Waterfall" also applies to a run on the west side of Lodge Ridge. The Waterfall is a steep pitch in the run-out from Forbidden Fruit and Fruit Loops. The Plank, an outrun from the Clamshell bypasses the Waterfall on skier's right. The Waterfall has a central drop-off among trees and a more mellow pitch on skiers left. The drop-off is the scene of many "photo-ops". The first photo is the view from the bottom. From here, the outrun to the cat road is broken skiing down a narrow gully. Photos #2 and #3 are "photo ops" on the center of the hill. The last photo is from the top of the usual route of descent, on skiers left, well to the right of the first photo.              Back to Index


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