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Sunday, May 01, 2005


Windlip and Jo-Pal at Chatter Creek Cat skiing on the Windlip at Chatter Creek The Blowhole on the Windlip at Chaatter Creek The Windlip is an alpine slope named after a huge blowhole that forms around the base of a rock face. It is located high on the west side of Stovepipe Mountain, north of Jo-Pal. Elevation at the top of the Windlip is over 9500 ft. The Keyhole, which is the entry to Vertebrae glacier and Chatter North is reached via the Windlip. From the top of the Windlip, an opening in the southern ridge provides a pass-through to Jo-Pal. The Windlip provides many lines of alpine skiing between its top and the cat road as it exits from Megahooped and crosses the Windlip on its way to the Keyhole. The continuing hill, below the cat road, is not skied. See the Road to Vertebrae glacier for a fuller description of the Windlip. In Photo #9, the distant showcat is skirting the blowhole and approaching the Keyhole. Beyond the Keyhole, the high horizontal ridge of snow is the top of the Vertebrae Glacier. See our Dan Hudson Ski Photography Weblog for ski photos in the blowhole at the Windlip.          Back to Index


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