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Thursday, July 07, 2005


Jo-Pal from Lodge Ridge Windlip and Jo-Pal at Chatter Creek Aerial view of Stovepipe Mountain Upper Jo-Pal and top of the Windlip Skiing in Upper Jo-Pal Tracks on Upper Jo-Pal on Stovepipe Mountain Ski Tracks on Lower Jo-Pal
Powder Skiing on Jo-Pal Jo-Pal is on the west side of Stovepipe Mountain. Upper Jo-Pal starts at the top of the Windlip and passes through an opening in the rocky ridge that separates lower Jo-Pal from the Windlip. At the bottom of the opening, Jo-Pal turns to the skier's right and lower Jo-Pal descends to the top of Megahooped. A second line, Jo-Pal to East Creek continues straight from the bottom of upper Jo-Pal and descends behind East Ridge to East Creek. The first image shows Jo-pal from Lodge Ridge. The next two images are aerial photographs in which Jo-pal is marked. The first two photos in the second row show upper Jo-Pal and the last two images are of lower Jo-Pal. Image 5 shows the view from Upper Jo-pal of the East Creek valley, behind East Ridge. See the Road to Vertebrae Glacier for additional views of Jo-Pal and of Jo-Pal to East Creek.              Back to Index


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