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Saturday, July 02, 2005


SX2 and SX3 Ski Terrain with Ski Run names The SX3 drainage at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing Buffalo Jump and Oh My Gord in SX3 at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing View into SX3 and the Bowling Alley from above MCO Pass View into SX3 from above Harbourview at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing The SX3 cat ski terrain at Chatter Creek Cat Skiing
South Park & South Side Cat Skiing terrain at Chatter Creek SX2 and SX3 at Chatter Creek viewed from the East SX3 is an east-facing drainage on the South Side of the Chatter Creek tenure. The top of SX3 is just east of Lakeview and just south of MCO. Access is over MCO Pass. A number of runs have been named in the upper bowl of SX3, but the tree skiing in the lower part of the drainage is not yet developed and there are currently no access roads from the Chatter Creek Road which crosses the SX3 creek far down the hillside. Among the runs in the upper bowl of SX3 are Bowling Alley, Oh My Gord and Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump. The first photo locates SX3 relative to adjacent ski zones. Photo #2 shows the north and west sides of the upper bowl of SX3 with the Bowling Alley on the right, Oh My Gord in the center and "Buffalo Jump" on the left. Photo #4 is an aerial view from above MCO Pass, looking down the Bowling Alley and Photo #5 is an aerial view from above the pass into Harbourview. The sunlit area on the top right side of Photo #5 is the top of SX2. Photo #5 looks down the drainage. The Bowling Alley is out of the photo, to the left. Photo #6 names ski runs and features in the upper bowl of SX3. The 3d satellite image gives another perspective of SX3 and the South Side ski terrain and the last phot names the ski runs in both SX2 and SX3. Click any image to enlarge it.              Back to Index


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