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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Cat Road Network

The Chatter Creek Ski Run Index is organized by cat road network as described in Cat Skiing Terrain. Each network is a maze of access roads and pickup roads that accesses one or more major skiing zone(s). Each zone would constitute a large ski area. Most zones are named according to their location relative to Vertebrae Lodge, Chatter Creeks remote mountain lodge.

   1. South Side Super Road
   2. West Side Road to Oyster Bowl & Game Creek (Lakeside Addition)
   3. Lodge Ridge Road East ridge Cat Roads and Ski Runs at Chatter Creek
   4. Road to Vertebrae Glacier & Chatter North
   5. East Ridge Road Super Road

The images show a Chatter Creek snowcat on the col between Harbourview and Lakeview and a contour map showing the cat roads and named ski runs on East Ridge. The viewpoint in the first image is across Lakeview towards Stovepipe Mountain, in the far distance.

An aspect of cat skiing at Chatter Creek is that the network of pickup roads permit skiers and riders to be picked up, each run, where the good skiing ends. There is no skiing down cat roads and through poor or skied-out terrain to reach a common pickup point.                               Back to Index


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